Hi my name is Xminent! 👋


Hi, I'm Xminent — a self-taught programmer from Chicago. I initially started learning to code out of boredom, but now I do a mix of everything from programming things such as Discord bots to making scripts that improve my daily life. I feel like I've learned so much throughout my time coding and I've only just started, but I'm excited to see what I can do for the community.

What I do?


Efficient Development

Minimal Errors

Statically Typed

Built For Web


Component Based Design

Smooth Animations

Beautiful Styling




Persistent Storage




Ever since I was young I was fascinated with computers. I would spend time as a kid playing with each program and wondering how they work. Upon building my first computer, I had been even more fascinated with the thought of computer hardware and software. I went on to teach myself how to program with Python, which then branched into a plethora of experiences with many different languages, creating many projects which are near and dear to my heart.


I have worked on a number of projects, ranging from personal projects to work-related projects. Here are a few:

  • A small network library written for use with my library Ekizu, featuring simple clients for the various internet protocols such as TCP/UDP, HTTP(s), and WebSockets.

  • An Node.js EventEmitter implementation written in C++. It is a runtime emitter which can accept different types of events and emit them, without multiple instantiated emitters.

  • A Discord bot written in Typescript using Discord.js. This bot is filled with a lot of features including a custom command system with Slash Commands supported, a music bot, moderation bot, and many more fun commands and features which are made possible due to the multiple APIs being used. To see all the features, add the bot to your server and use the help command

  • This website was made using Next.js, NextUI, TailwindCSS, and many more technologies. By incorporating multiple features such as Authentication, Page Routing, and a rate-limited API, I was able to create a website that seems professional. In addition, this application was designed to serve multiple subdomains, which can allow me to serve multiple websites on a single domain. You can find my blog using the subdomain "blog".

  • An Alexa skill that allows you to play music from YouTube. Features a player that allows you to play, pause, skip, and queue songs. This skill is currently in development.

  • And many more projects which can be found on my GitHub

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